The DMK has arrived. Scalable decentralized applications can now be built and tested in a public environment.

The Most Powerful Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications

  • Scalable

    Support thousands of Commercial Scale DApps
    Parallel Execution
    Asynchronous Communication
    Separates Authentication from Execution

  • Flexible

    Freeze and Fix Broken Applications
    Generalized Role-based Permissions

  • Usable

    Web Toolkit for Interface Development
    Self Describing Interfaces
    Self Describing Database Schemes
    Declarative Permission Scheme

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DMKTM Token Distribution

TOTAL 41,300,000,000
Total Distributed 100%
market 20%
technical 10%
fundation 30%
core team 10%

  • Equal Opportunity

    To ensure inclusivity, DMK Tokens have no pre-determined price; rather price is set by market demand. This mimics mining without giving potential unfair advantages to large purchasers.

  • Broad Distribution

    The DMK Token distribution takes place over 341 days which is expected to provide ample time for the community to familiarize themselves with the project, as well as participate in the distribution.

  • Transparency

    An Ethereum smart contract proves receipt of incoming funds for DMK Tokens.